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Need major help I m literally confused with the shades here , I wanna purchase this foundation so bad but the Shades online are giving me hard time. Help me anyone. Hi my love, this new blog post should help you. What color would I be in Huda Beauty foundation? Help please! Armani Luminous silk foundation shade 3 is my perfekt match which shade should I buy in the fauxfilter? I want to purchase it online. Thank you. My undertone is neutral to peach..

Hi my mac shades is nw18 and Dior forever which hudabeauty foundation shade will matche me please someone help me thanks. Please can you give the colour match for NC Would really appreciate your help. Hi my love, we are compiling a more thorough Mac comparison table, so we will hopefully be able to answer you all soon. As every foundation uses a unique measure of pigments, it is possible that we may not be able to find a match in every brand for each of our foundations.

Any help would be appreciated I really want to try your foundation. Hi Huda!! Mabrook on your foundation launch!!! Here in Dubai sephora does not have a return policy for gently used products unfortunately. What is my FF shade? Like what are the differences? I also use lancome tient idol ultra in Hopefully someone can help me out or someone on youtube post more vids of the pale shades! I hope it isnt light for me. Hey Huda! Congratulations on launching your foundation! Please add it to the guide or tell me what shade matches me!

Love youuuu xxxx. I tried Nars all day luminous foundation in Light 3 but felt it was too yellow. I have cool undertones and am wondering what shade I should buy. What about Nars Sheer glow range? Im barcelona shade. I dont wear the nars all day luminous so dont really trust that Toffee in your foundation is my shade because it seems darker? Can you check for me pleasseee i really want to buy it. Will there be a color match for us in the next round of foundation colors that will be coming out? And how long does that usually take? Hey I just got matched with naked skin weightless.. Shade 5.

Could you please help match me when Huda foundation! Hello Huda beauty team, I use urban decay naked 5. I checked your guide. I am quite yellow toned and use the nc37 but the comparison on your foundation the match is a neutral shade it also looks way darker.

Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide

I am the shade syracus in nars foundation. Can you please advise which shade I can get? Please could you tell me which shade I should go for in the huda beauty range foundation!! I wear Estee Lauder double wear foundation in the shade 3W1 Tawny. Please could you tell me which huda beauty shade I should go for?? Hello Huday Beauty. I use Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Water in light-medium neutral, can you please suggest me which is the closest shade to your range? Thank you so much! I went to two local Sephora stores and neither place carried it! I felt that this color was a bit too yellow for my skin.

I have cool undertones and very blue veins when I look at my wrists. I tried to do the color comparision but Nar Light 3 was not a compared foundation. What shade of Faux Filter do you suggest I order? Can you guys just do swatches of each shade of fair and light. I really really am not able to find the accurate shade can you find a match for loreal paris nude beige W3 shade foundation.

C Nc 45 can u kindly tell me which shade can match that. Hi my love, Brown Sugar could work for you. Hi Huda I love ur products cnt wait to get the fauxfilter foundation but I honestly dnt knw which is the best shade for me I normally use M. C Nc 45 foundation. Hi, I am wearing too faced born this way in Color Warm beige, what is my Color? Hey, whats the closest shade to mac nc 25 mineralize?

Toasted coconut or Latte? Please let me know want to order it soon. I am a pretty spot on match with lancome buff n and kat von d 44 cool, which shade would be best for me? When will Tres Leches G be back in stock? I was so excited to order and then devasted once i found out it was out. I need help! Hi my love, the UAE are not able to ship products to Quatar, unfortunately. You can try ordering from CultBeauty.

Hi Do you have any shade matches for Bobbi Brown foundation? Armani luminous silk 3. In the UK and would have to order online so really want to get this right. Hi, HB team! The guide is exactly what I was hoping for, you are exceptionally intuitive to your customer needs. However I was hoping when I reviewed the matching that Makeup Forever would make the list for comparison. Can you help direct me to a possible match?

Makeup Forever Hd Foundation Mac | Saubhaya Makeup

Just tried your foundation on and fell in love! And when they did match my cheeks they would make my chin gray and I always needed to color correct. When I tried on the faux filter I did half my face with color correcting and the other half without it and honestly I love it without the correcting more! May Allah bless you with more success. Hey HB team! I was wondering what would your recommendations be for the shades closest to the Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation and ? From New Zealand xo. I was a little disappointed and sad about how red and gold the richer tones are as I and a lot of people I know of my complexion are neutral shades and I had high hopes that FF would recognise that as it was bringing out an inclusive range.

Really apperciate all your efforts Huda Beauty team, and hope what you have cooking up in the kitchen are gap fillers for the neutral shades that are missing in the richer section! Please could you guide me in the right direction for a ff match?! Could you add their shades to this list for us to better understand the shades given? Am I crazy or does the comparison chart completely skip medium shade comparison? I use Fenty and would love to know what is the Huda match.

If anyone could please help! I think you might find our latest blog post helpful, check it out here. Thanks for the quick response! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! The nars comparisions only start at light 4. I can wear either Nars Siberia light 1 which is their lightest shade or Gobi light 3 as I am fair with neutral undertones and more yellow.

Which Huda FauxFilter shade would be my match? So hard to pick. Have you tried either yet? What shade would I be? I think it would be toasted coconut? Was hoping to see fenty beauty warm peach comparison so I could just buy yours online instead of going to the store. Hi can you guys put each shade the model is wearing on picture with I think around 24 people. That would be super helpful.

Huda is such an inspirational woman!!! Amaretti or dulce de leche? Will the foundation be available at hongkong Sephora?? Also wanted to know a match for Bobbi brown skin foundation spf 15 in shade 4. Hi is there a match for smashbox studio skin in shade 2. Love from Fellow Huda Beauty Lover! What shade should I order in your new foundation?

Hi still bit confused what shade to get I wear nc30 in Mac and nars Stromboli so what shade would I be in faux foundation.

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

Hi there, I think I am between Amaretti and Tres Leches — please kindly let me know if either has a pink undertone? Many thanks in advance xx PS. Hopefully the FauxFilter is my perfect match. I tried to place an order via Shop Huda beauty. Idk my paypal aint working and the order is getting cancelled everytime. Please redirect me to the page where I can pay using credit card. What shade will I be in faux filter foundation?

Makeup Forever Foundation

How is amaretti G darker than Tres leches G? Hi my love, sometimes different tones, give the appearance of being darker, but Amaretti in our foundation is lighter than Tres Leches. Where it says more yellow or more red etc, does it mean fauxfilter or the other brand foundation? Hi gorgeous, it refers to the other brand. Please can i have the best match for NC40 MAC please really want to order the foundation have been waiting for it pleaseeee. Hi Guys really need some help! How will the primer hold up with very oily s.

I would like a mufe comparison as well. Can your team add that brand? How about the shade for the atarte full coverage Foundation in Tan-Deep Sand? S is only Online. I really want the HB foundation! Can you tell me the closest shade to this, did not see it on the chart!!! Thank you!!! Absolutely love this collection. Dying to try them! Which shade should i go in for?? Hi, please could you help me as my matches are conflicting. Would I be Tres Leches or Baclava? What would be the closest to my skin tone? Dear HB team , I am 1N2 ecru in estee lauder double wear so according to your guide i should be G in your foundation but my mom went to sephora dubai with my estee lauder shade and they gave her N as the most similar shade and now we are confused.

Which one would you recommend? Please let me know my mom is in dubai for 2 more days so I really need to tell her which shade to pick. And congrats on this launch, i loved all your products so far. How will the primer hold up with very oily skin. Hi, Huda beauty team, in nars sheer glow foundation i am the the colour Syracuse and in charlotte tilburys magic foundation I am the number 8 medium. Which colour should I buy in the huda foundation range?? Is there a colour for me or will I have to wait for the other colours to be a available?

I mean the colours huda said they were still working on and were coming later? Thanks xxxxx. This wasnt helpful.. Mac NC15 is too light for me and NC 20 too dark. Please help and tell me which shade of your FF foundation would be the best for me? I tried Baklava which I found slightly too light for my face and tried Dulce de Leche which I found worked well. I think if I wanted, I could go even a shade darker and try Macchiato. Hope this helps! Thank you soooooooo much this was spook helpful I was so stressed to what my shade would have been.

This has made it so much easier. Silly question but I am a little confused on the differences in parenthesis. Hi my love, it refers to the brand shade. I wish there were more comparisons to more widely used foundations and colours.


I am NC25 in studio fix and nc 25 and I use nars sheer which im between sienna and punjab. Hey Huda and Hudabeauty team! I am really confused about my shade. I use Mac studio fix fluid in NW What would be my closest match? Please help me Thanks. This has made things so much more confusing! So confused! There is no comparison for mac nc42!! Will have to wait for reviews or go try in the store. Really want to order one as soon as I can. I totally agree. I am NC 40 and I wear Barcelona and it matches my skin perfectly so it makes no sense.

I use bobbi brown stick foundation in 4. There are those of us who wear cheaper foundations that would like to try these higher end ones. Like Revlon Colorstay which has a wide range of shades. I have no idea my shade in any of the foundations you chose to compare to, but would like to try this foundation!

I think this chart is helpful. Can you list more matches to mac foundation pls. I also need to know what is the equivalent to mac nc I am sooo buying faux filter. Ive watched ur demos on snapchat and it is truly revolutionary! Please check Armani design lift 40 match When will it be in Portugal? Hi my love, Check out these FauxFilter Blogger Reviews , they might help you find your foundation shade match.

Giorgio Armani design lift 4 could you please check the comparison for me And please do a insta video with fair Indian shades When will it be available in Portugal? How to choose the Best shades between Amaretti, Baklava, and dulce de leche?! Which shade do you wear Huda? Read your review on the Maybelline foundation and I also use shade but in Poreless Matte for summer months. Huda can we please get a comparison for Mac NC 40? This chart is confusing because now im apprantly macchiato brown sugar and toffee!!

So confused, i guess i wont be able to purchase the foundation until i see proper reviews from others with my skin tone to know which would be best for me! Im nars barcelona but definately not mac46 — how do I know toffee is the right shade for me?? Which shade should I go by if my foundations are matched to more than one foundation This chart is very confusing.

Which shade should I go for? Any recommendations which of your foundations would fit me best? Thu, 12 Oct Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sat, 22 Jun at PM. Sun, 16 Jun at PM. Fri, 14 Jun at AM. Tue, 11 Jun at PM. Thu, 6 Jun at PM. Tue, 28 May at PM.

Sun, 19 May at PM. Sat, 18 May at AM. Tue, 14 May at PM. Mon, 13 May at PM. Fri, 31 May at AM. Sat, 1 Jun at AM. What would be the best match to the tartes shape tape shade light sand? Sat, 11 May at PM. Fri, 10 May at PM. Sun, 12 May at AM. As soon as we do, you guys will be the first to know! Mon, 6 May at PM. Wed, 1 May at PM. Fri, 26 Apr at PM. Mon, 29 Apr at PM. Sat, 20 Apr at AM. I am a Mac Studio fix shade in NC Mon, 15 Apr at PM. Hi I wear shade in the loreal pro glow, what shade would I need? Mon, 8 Apr at PM. Mon, 1 Apr at AM. Please help!!!!!!! Mon, 1 Apr at PM.

Thu, 28 Feb at PM. I need a match Mac prolongwear NC 42 or makeup forever I love huda foundation. Help please. Der Auftrag, die Haltbarkeit und die mittlere Deckkraft sind gut. So einfach ist es ja gar nicht, das HD Make up zufriedenstellend aufzutragen?! Vor allem, wenn man den Preis bedenkt. Echt, eine Dreiviertel-Stunde? Dann bin ich ja erst recht beruhigt, weil ich auch ewig rummachen muss — und ich bin definitiv keine professionelle Visagistin.

Den Hinweis auf die Puderpartikel finde ich ganz spannend, dem gehe ich mal nach. Teile diesen Beitrag:. Go to MAC and get them to give you samples! I like how they are really good with samples rather than pushing people to buy. I was looking around at how others watermark their images and of course yours was a prime example. Sometimes they even use the watermarked image. Interesting post. Love the comparison post. In fact I rarely notice them. Thanks for your comment!

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Nothing wrong with drugstore foundations at ALL. I very much enjoy my CoverGirl Outlast one — if it had come in a plain bottle with no brand name, I would have thought it was Estee Lauder or something higher end. I have never tried a higher end foundation. I have just always stuck with foundations from the drugstore.

It sounds nice a lightweight. What foundations do you normally wear? Your skin looks great! Which Body Shop foundation do you use? Moisture foundation spf15 — I find it very lightweight but yet giving me a fair coverage. I struggle with lots of others because of dry skin. Oh really? I used the BB cream for a while last year.

But this is by far my favourite foundation by MAC. Is there any products you recommend! Thanks again for another great post! I also tried more MAC foundations recently through some samples and I really liked the Matchmaster one — have you tried that? I really apprechiate it, thank you so much! I have tried Matchmaster I liked the foundation but unfotunetly its the one Mac foundation that breaks me out, I would like to try it again though!!

We take sooo much time and effort into getting that nice crisp perfect photo and for someone else to steal it!

makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac
makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac
makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac
makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac
makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac
makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac
makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac Makeup forever hd foundation 120 mac

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