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News, reviews, how-tos and community for the Apple consumer. I store my various passwords for websites, wireless networks, certificates and more in Mac OS X Keychain. It's very handy as I found out this week when I needed to verify a password that I thought I knew I was wrong. Here's how you can view all your passwords in Keychain. At this point, you'll be asked to enter your Mac's admin login and password. If you've forgotten that, you'll have to reset those. But let's assume you haven't forgotten those.

Enter them that your Mac shows you the password that you're seeking. By the way, you'll be offered the option to "Always Allow" passwords to be shown when you open Keychain Access. Don't select this option for security reasons in case your Mac gets stolen — or you sell it without wiping all important personal data. Your purchase of items from Amazon benefits and supports Apple World Today through affiliate payments.

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Our staff consists of experienced writers who live and breathe Apple products every day. Following this week's LinkedIn password disaster , Mac users are naturally worried about their passwords and not just for their LinkedIn accounts.

Recover an Email Account Password Using macOS Keychain Access

What if you used a password in another place? It could happen! There are ways to investigate your passwords in Mac OS X's Keychain Access utility and with popular third-party password management tools. However, some of this investigating can be difficult. In his blog, Daniel Jalkut, founder of Red Sweater Software, expressed this very concern about the reuse of passwords for different sites.

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  • There's nothing worse than being in a hurry and not remembering your password..
  • This was a serious question and vulnerability. I did what you did, or should have done: raced to LinkedIn and changed the password. What if I committed the foolish move of using the same password on LinkedIn as I did on another, more important site? Now a hacker with possession of my username and password for LinkedIn can make some very good guesses about my username and password on other sites.

    But an event like this leaves me very curious to confirm that. A little too good of a job, as it turns out. In the post, Jalkut ran down how to use several scripting tools he wrote to expose and search the Keychain. The package includes Usable Keychain Scripting, a scripting extension that lets AppleScript "efficiently query the keychain for information;" PasswordSearcher, an AppleScript that asks the keychain for all Internet password items that match a given password, and the displays the account names; and DangerousAllowClicker, which "runs in circles until you cancel it, approving security clearances.

    Jalkut made these scripting tools available in the post. But be forewarned that the use of these tools aren't for the novice Mac user. If you use Agilebits' 1Password for the Mac , then it's easy to search for password duplication.

    Solving Keychain Issues - Problem Solved!

    However, if you enter your own passwords, the process is a bit more complicated. The best thing is to never use a password twice. I use a formula with two bilingual puns and a specific element from the site to make my passwords. This makes them easy to remember and longer than the usual password. Recently, I started testing my passwords with the Passfault demonstration page.

    This site tells you how strong your password is, and if it passes the test, it presents the time in years that would be needed to crack the password. I noticed that my current passwords weren't strong enough. However, I found that by adding a fourth, easy-to-remember element to my 3-part formula, I was able to get most of my passwords into the five-figure century range.

    1. macOS Keeps Asking for Login Keychain Password

    One password that I tested could be made into quintillion passwords, which means that it would take 62, centuries to crack. That won't be cracked any time soon.

    How to manage passwords with Keychain Access

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