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Click Sync. Back in AnyFont, tap 'Install own fonts'. You should see the list of fonts you just synced using iTunes. Tap one and then Preview to verify it's the correct one. Tap the big font file icon and Safari will open. You'll then be sent to Settings and asked to install a profile for your font. Tap install, type your passcode, and tap Next and Install twice to consent and confirm the font installation. You may need to force iOS apps to close for them to recognise the newly installed fonts: double-click the Home button and swipe the app upwards to do this.

Your installed fonts should now be available to any app. Future University. Looking for an iOS device for your creative work? Check out our iPad Pro Sans typeface Often, though, you'll find that when an iPad app can't recognise a font, it'll switch it for something different. How to add fonts using AnyFont 1. Create a document We created this presentation slide in Keynote for Mac, using two third-party fonts: Laffayette Comic Pro orange and Tekton Pro in bold white. As you'd expect, there are no problems displaying them on the Mac.

Open it on your iPad We saved the document in iCloud. Prepare to copy On your desktop, create a folder for fonts you want on your iPad. Connect to iTunes Connect your iPad to iTunes. How to optimise and organise iTunes 5. Preview a font Back in AnyFont, tap 'Install own fonts'. Tap Close to shut the preview and continue with installing. Install the font Tap the big font file icon and Safari will open.


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Force apps to close You may need to force iOS apps to close for them to recognise the newly installed fonts: double-click the Home button and swipe the app upwards to do this. Aka Adam Boro. Cofounder with Gregor Vand in of Brand Craft. Hong Kong-based designer of the free beveled vector format typeface Brighton Sans Free download.

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Designer of the free hairline sans typeface Adam and the fat all caps sans typeface Bold Adam Fathony [AF Studio]. Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based designer of the outlined caps typeface Batavia It is an all caps typeface inspired by the gilded lettering on an old Amsterdam trading post built in He also designed the free Hex Font Chiang Mai, Thailand-based designer of the marker font Sphynx Wroclaw, Poland-based designer b. Bulgarian designer of the free decorative typeface Kingsley Common Modern In , he published the text typeface family Audrey H.

The mag offers a free font, "McFont" , based on an extension of the letter M made famous by McDonald's golden arches. Mac type 1 and Windows truetype. Font Pavilion sells AddWasp Japanese foundry with a nice web presence. Most of these fonts are either pixel fonts or inspired by the pixel movement.

Teapot is an informal sans. Hosobiki is a paperclip font. Creator of One , dot matrix face , Dekale , grunge face , Beton and Cerclip , an arc-of-circle-based typeface. Other typefaces by her include Interbox. Konya, Turkey-based designer of the pixelish typefaces Admtas and Incomplete , and the water or gas pipe typeface Pipe Jakarta, Indonesia-based designer of the free monoline connected script typeface LetterLove Creators of the organic sans typeface Grey , which is advertized as a free typeface, but there are no download buttons. Typefaces from Nova, Linea, PX pixel face.

The condensed organic sans typeface Schwabing Sans was published in Cargo Collective link. New York-based designer of the fat comic book font The Dood It was designed to accompany his pen drawings. Or Adrienne Stevson. Type designer, b. Adien Gunarta is an Indonesian type designer b. His typefaces can be found under his name or under Teras Grafika set up in and Fontastic Indonesia. Adien Gunarta's typefaces are brimming with Indonesian cultural heritage symbols and shapes. Typefaces from , mostly made with FontStruct: the pixel typeface Benci Malaysia, the hand-printed Nyonya Gendut, the squarish typeface Hutan and the irrgularly sized Madura Regular.

Typefaces from Rampung, Prabowo, Larasukma an abstract shape font , Tafakur Arabic simulation typeface , Syawal Khidmat Arabic simulation face , Kurnia curly script , Kota Surabaya dingbats of buildings , Hutan Lestari, Kobarapi spurred typeface , Mukadimah Arabic simulation, based on ae Cortoba by Arabeyes , Huruf Maranti upright connected script , Emilio 20 athletic lettering.

Typefaces from Kembang dingbats. Home page at Fontastic Indonesia. Mumbai-based designer of the free modular typeface Phantasm Romanian designer in Amsterdam who created the free typeface Soul Puddle His typefaces: Maven Pro is a sans characterized by constant curvature and vertical cuts. It was created by Joe Prince, courtesy of Vissol Ltd. It is an extensive free typeface, and in fact, it is more than free: visitors can request that a new glyph be added. Vissol is a British web design company. Valencia A condensed art deco family in five weights that is free at Lost Type.

Image by Ryan Kiley. Varela A sans serif face. Followed by Varela Round. Questrial Influenced by Helvetica. Geostar A blackboard bold face. Followed by Geostar Fill Handlee Free Google Web Font. Squada One Free at Google Web Fonts , it is a squarish Impact-like family. Bemio Published by Lost Type , it is an ultra bold sans. Klinic Slab Venera , Lost Type. Majesti Banner , Lost Type. A decorative didone. Google Font Directory link. Additional Google link. Cargo collective link. The standard type 1 fonts that come bundled with ATM. Check also here and here.

Adobe offers a free web font service in partnership with Google. Initially, there are about fonts to choose from. They appear to coincide largely with the Google Web Fonts. They can also be downloaded from CTAN. They write: Adobe will be applying its considerable font expertise to improving and optimizing a number of the open source fonts that are available in both Google Web Fonts and Edge Web Fonts.

The teams from Typekit, Adobe Type, and Google Web Fonts are working to identify which fonts will benefit the most from our attention, and how we can best approach improving their rendering and performance. Efforts will include hinting some fonts for better rendering at smaller sizes, plus a number of other optimizations. All of these contributions will themselves remain open source. Since the Adobe font preview is anemic, Yvo Schaap published this font preview.

Peter Chon has another preview. And here is Tony Stuck's preview. Github download site. CTAN archive link. Source Serif at Github. Source Sans Pro for the TeX crowd. Source Serif Pro for the TeX people. From the readme file: "The typefaces in this package are the PostScript fonts and 19 TrueType fonts which are standard on PostScript 3 printers.

The CE characters are accessible under Windows NT, or under Windows 95 when configured with appropriate language and keyboard settings. Copyright Adobe Systems Incorporated. Classical musician, b. Adolfo created Adolphus , a Peignotian typeface , Adolphus Serif and Alanus , a condensed rounded sans first called Alanya. In , he made Kosova. While studying in Barcelona, Adri Valls designed the squarish typeface New Trink and a modular typeface called Moludar sic and Moludar Neue In , he published the free blackletter typeface Ludwig, which was inspired by Koch Script.

In , she designed the piano key typeface Ona, the free Western font Sheriff and the free rounded sans typeface Rosmi. Graphic designer in Barcelona, b. Creator of these typefaces: The free modular typeface Johanna The style organic elliptical sans typeface family Wake Luthier A free transitional typeface family with wedge serifs. Margot Catalan designer of the scratchy font Diatriba, of the corroded font Dead End, and of the ancient caps font Ot.

Newsense is an art deco typeface that extends Milton Glaser's Film Sense Romaji Mincho is a free Asian simulation font based on the style of the Mincho typeface. Rhyder is a great free geometric s style sans typeface. Martell is a free general purpose slab serif family. AC Big Serif is a free rounded wedge serif typeface. AC Thermes is a sans display typeface.

Typefaces from AC Wanita hand-drawn. Barcelona-based designer of the piano key typeface Yaka and the free geometric sans typeface Adca Designer in Berlin, Germany. Download a copy of Monaco , Apple Computer from Ritchie's site. Cuban designer, b. Creator of the 3-style sans typeface family Colonial Havana and the text and poster typeface family Walina Designer of the shaded 3d typeface Teen Web designer in Lille, France, who, despite the nearness of Belgium, managed to design a beautiful display sans typeface, Farray , and the great free triangulated typeface Polya , and its predecessor, Low Poly In , he published the free hand-crafted typeface Cabana and the rounded monoline display sans semicircle-patterned typeface Slot free , with Hugo Dath.

Cabana was adjusted in In , he created the commercial sans display typeface Panama. Another Behance link. Adrien Kerros Sokrea, Paris created the free circle-based typeface Ablax in Adrien Midzic. Fatnobrain was Adrien Midzic's design studio in Paris. Born in , he co-founded Pizza Typefaces with Luc Borho in Midzic designed these typefaces or type families: Fine lineal , Blokus free pixel font, , Cimen strong sans, designed for Smacl Entraide , Mesquine lineal , Blitz , Cucha, Stencil Reverse , Huit , a gorgeous didone headline face , Stenha stencil.

Fonts made in The ETH family art deco sans. It was renamed Vanille FY after a few days. At the free font cooperative Velvetyne , he published the sans typeface Lack In , he made the 3-style sans typeface Suber for an art fair in Paris. The roman transitional typeface Bota Serif , which was inspired by Cochin designed by Charles Peignot in is a custom font designed for Hotel des ventes de Poitiers.

In , it was finally released for retail. In , he published the piano key typeface Mixal, which became a large experiment on variable fonts and is free for everyone. Velvetyne link. Designer of the comic book font Polsyh , which is based on Neil Hyslop's lettering of the English editions of the Tintin comic series. Aka Adryan Mac and Adr Raz. Adult Human Male [Alex Hy]. His Dafont account calls him Irish. Alex has two aspects, a commercial one, expressed in his commercial foundry Adult Human Male, and a free one via his Squack site on Dafont. The commercial Alex created the grunge stencil typeface Butterworth , the hand-drawn Teksi , the monoline squarish family Ebdus , Valis , futuristic , and the thin avant garde monoline typeface New Slang Gordito is a graffiti style bubble font that says Smurf.

In , Alex published the poster caps typeface Areaman , Stink Lines multilined typeface and Penang art deco signage typeface seen on Penang by the creator. Straights Light is a beautiful pair of bilined all caps typefaces. Dale Kids is a children's book typeface. Hokkien is an art deco typeface with Chinese influences. Mister Mustard is a chubby rounded art deco typeface. Barkley is a textured caps typeface with a chalk board feel. Liner Notes is a bilined hand-drawn typeface. Bartleby is a hand-drawn all caps display font. Typefaces from Salas a chunky cartoon face , Rabid a crayon font , Strokin a great brush facepart charcoal part paint strokes , Bevel Hands, Bunk a layered beveled type system absed on a monoline fat rounded sans, Bunk Base 2 , Spengler inline face , Vastra Bauhaus style, organic , Swingers curly and cartoonish , Chump Change , Treves Sans crayon face , Quincey We read that the fonts are designed by EircomTest.

Twitter link. This used to have alphadings and dingbats by Anastacia E. Zittel b. Fontmaking tutorial [dead link]. The font pages seem to have disappeared. Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei-based student-designer of the free curly flowery hand-crafted typeface Light Daisy Designer of the script typeface Adyana , which is advertised as a modern dancing font. Designer of the script typefaces Rosita and Mysha Script However, that new website is not functional. Designers of Barbaric , a brabed wire font , Evanescence and Gothika , eerie handwriting.

His second font is Crudmunch. AF Studio [Adam Fathony]. In , he published the connected swashy script typeface Octavia Script, the brush scripts Carbonera and Shallom, the hand-lettered Vanilla Daisy Script and Mightype, the watercolor script Hollycakes, and the connected Brayden Script and Sans. Typefaces from Figuera Variable a late Victorian, early art nouveau typeface family; variable font format , Brignola a calligraphic penmanship script , Eastside Brush a brush signage script done with Angga Kristiandri , Marshfield , C'est La Vie font duo , Chivels a vintage typeface done with Angga Kristiandri at Abbassy Studio , Sevastian a layered font family , Drustic Dialy weathered; with Angga Kristiandri , Elli Bellie calligraphic.

Typefaces from Gorga Grotesque. Kediri, Indonesia-based designer b. Russian designer of the decorative hacker font Cabra Crazy Sao Paulo-based Brazilian designer b. Born in He also made Futurista an experimental font , Afronsu , Estaktu , influenced by Sao Paulo's graffiti or pixacao , and Abstract Rua Aka afronsu Afronsu.

Afrojet Type Foundry [John Skelton]. John Skelton is a type designer from St. Paul, MN, b. He is currently based in Portland, OR. He started out in as afrojet on FontStruct, making many free fonts there. Other creations there include Summer Grillz about which he writes More gangster than Gill with more gold than Garamond, Summer Grillz is type jewelry for your mouth.

All letterforms are diamond-kut using the finest type constructing software on the market today. Customize your grill with different fills. Josef Albers' constructivist typographic experiments are a perfect match for Fontstruct. Other Fontstructors have done great work with Alber's ideas. Most notably, Saberrider's fontsract and Stewf's Leaflet family. Using Josef Albers' Kombinationsschrift alphabet as my foundation, I've been having a lot of fun remixing and experimenting with his letters.

Fonts made in Whoopee piano key face , Prog. Commercial fonts: Sessions , modular. Cargocollective link. Designers of the free font family Sparks They write: Data can be hard to grasp however visualising it can make comprehension faster. Sparks, now in its second release, is a family of 15 fonts three variants in five weights each that allows for the easy combination of text and visual data by removing the need for any technical know-how. By installing the Spark font you can use them immediately without the need for custom code. Sparklines were first conceptualised by Edward Tufte as a way of placing data evidence as close as possible to the idea s it supports.

Spark makes clever use of the OpenType calt table. About five original fonts are available here. The designer is Peter Smith. Names: Fuck, Schleterian, Birdhaus great!!! Foundry disappeared but is revived at typOasis. Alternate site. Jennifur is here. Warsaw, Poland-based designer of magnificent experimental typefaces in various vector formats. These include: The free AI-format experimental slinky font family Scribble The free textured font Neon The free experimental color font Splash Letters The free vector typeface Brush Aga Silva.

Creator of the Glitter family kaleidoscopic, star-shaped, and possibly of use as snow fonts , Stars Promo , Ivy Tiles , Lillius , floral and froggy dingbats , Maya Tiles , Ballpen , hand-printed , Mickey Script , and Nillie's Love Letters Typefaces from Monmica an upright copperplate script , Skarpa 2. Typefaces from Mavblis , Lavenda a connected copperplate script , Roicamonta connected script. Typefaces from Skarpa Round, Nistiver calligraphic script , Lavenda calligraphic script.

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Typefaces from Lidaxid connected script , Hinzatis calligraphic script , Roicamonta Basic connected calligraphic script , Monmica Fancy, Bisalir heavy script , Piambis thick signage script , Piambis Round, Piambis Sharp. Aka Mme. Ping, her work can also be found at Fontspace , Creative Market , and Dafont. Or Rahmat Syahputra. Creator of the monoline script typeface Nagata , the upright script typeface Berkarya , the signage script typeface Hunkydory , and the calligraphic script typefaces Rughetta , Oliverra , Kenshington , Robertortiz , Rodanthe , Kristopher , Serendipity , Whitening and Matthew Typefaces from Armadilla upright script , Aurelia curly script , Firgia Gia calligraphic.

David Hofmann made Lexip , a pixel font and SayNo. Lisa D. Explanation provided by her the gorgeous Kitchen Tiles: "This font was originally designed by Boris Mahovac of Abeceda dizajn. I liked the look of it, and thought it should be a fairly easy font to re-create in order to test out the Softy software.

I changed a great number of the characters from his original design mostly for readability reasons. This font includes pretty much all the international characters so that everyone can enjoy it. She also made Cat Silhouettes. All of Lisa's fonts are first rate and beautiful, so please support her. On February 9, , she removed Kitchen Tiles.

Go here for the story. She also runs AJ's Catz , a cat font archive. Aschaffenburg, Germany-based designer of the modular typefaces Butch , Chiron and Anthony Japanese site with one original free font each week. There are also hiragana fonts for free. Designer: Katsuya Nakamura.

Dead link! Malang, Indonesia-based designer who also uses the name Agga.

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Typefaces from the script typeface Missmallove designed by Lativa , Yellow Dawns chalky , Coellack, Moalang tweetware , Duwhoers tweetware brush script. Typefaces from Achillers Bant, Bouchers Script 2. Hungarian designer of the multiline display typeface Finity Designer of the horror movie typeface Eisregen He is currently based in Bauru, Brazil. Inspired by aircraft models from the s, Agonz created the free condensed sans typeface Ailerons and Skyer Agung Aries Triyanto is the Indonesian designer b.

In , he designed the hand-crafted typeface Cuties Caps. Pasuruan, Indonesia-based designer, b. Agung Maskund [Decade Typefoundry]. Bogor, Indonesia-based designer, b. Creator of the Arabic emulation typeface Arab Emang Santiago del Estero, Argentina-based designer b. Argentinian designer b. Creator of Gudea , a free font published at Google Web Fonts. Gudea is a readable, clear and functional sans typeface family, that was inspired by engineering documentation. Ahmad Khaidir. Banjarmasin or: Landasan Ulin , Indonesia-based designer b. Ahmad Ramzi Fahruddin [Arterfak Project].

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based designer of the free monoline sans typeface Ahmad First Denpasar, Bali-based designer b. Ahmad Zulfikar Ali [Zet Design]. Damanhur, Egypt-based designer of the free circle-based Latin typeface Marimoo and the sturdy sans typeface Stern Cairo, Egypt-based creator of the free style hand-drawn typeface family Noni Designer of the fat display typeface Iqbal Camel Indonesian designer of the sci-fi fonts Lurix and Crvst Graphic designer in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In , he designed the free rough runic emulation typeface Land. Ahoj is a bold display sans serif inspired by images of old signs and lettering found in different cities. The typeface family was produced in a four-day workshop in Prague. Voluntary contributions will be used to help the victims of the quake in Nepal.

Solo, Indonesia-based designer b. Banda Aceh, Indonesia-based designer of Rollason script , Pilattez handwriting script , Rolly Wave Script , Verbalio , an art nouveau typeface , Verbalio Sans , Sweetlove Script , Aheads Brush Script , Mahakam Script , the free hand-crafted psychedelic typeface Verona and the free script typeface Markona Script Typefaces from Hideline a futuristic brush. Australian designer b.

Japanese designer of Fluent Sans Brunei-based designer of the free display typeface Booster Aidfonts was: Antropos [Lutz Baar]. Lutz Baar b. Berlin, ran Antropos. At the now defunct Antropos site, he used to offer Antropos , a free prehistoric-lettering font. He is a contributor to the anthroposophic style of thinking and creating.

He founded Menschengeist and Aidfonts , where one can download his Sophia, Metanoia and Philos families. Linotype link. Catalog of Lutz Baar's commercial typefaces. See also here. Chank organized a person design camp in in which the participants created three free fonts based on sticks, stones and twigs.

The fonts, dated , are Mister Twiggy named after Mr. Photoshopped and fontified by Brenda Halvorson. Photoshopped and fontified by Andy Wood. Photoshopped and fontified by Bret Petersen. Chinese designer of the free compass-and-ruler sans typeface Term French digital type foundry, est. Corporate typefaces by them include the Quechua family for the sports company Quechua in Domancy, France , which consists of four typefaces, Bionnassay for cross-country skiing , Forclaz mountain hiking , Arpenaz for recreational hiking and Capcir for Nordic skiing.

Xavier Meurice participates in the type cooperative Ainsifont in Lille. A stencil typeface created for Lille Design. Original from Playtime Original created for the Kursaal in Dunkirk, and named in honor of Lille-based singer Raoul de Godewarsvelde. Rubal Stone Heure A prismatic typeface. Aioku Fonts was: Kung-Fu fonts, or: Superfunk. A Japanese foundry? I have no clue. B is a free Google font published in by a team of designers. They explain: B is a highly legible open source font family, designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.

Its design makes it particularly suitable for degraded contexts ensuring legibility and readability of data , with a positive effect on reducing visual fatigue and cognitive load. Particular attention was given to the uniformity of the typeface, whether being used for isolated terms, reading information on a map, mixing capital letters and numbers, waypoint lists, long or abbreviated texts, specific terms and data in the aeronautical field.

The typographical research was conducted through iterations from experimentation to design.

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B is a two-weight font family including roman and italic styles but also a monospaced variation, B Mono. In , Airbus agreed to publish the font with an open source license Eclipse Public License within the Polarsys project, an industry-oriented project hosted by the Eclipse foundation. B project was awarded the Observeur du Design: Industry Star in Github link for B Google Fonts link for B Mono. Designers of the original typefaces Ancients almost runic , Forixx similar and Cruxxed with a bit of a Rennnie Mackintosh influence , all at FontStruct in Interesting graphic design and typography news and blog site by Antonio Carusone.

Type subpage. Commercial typefaces: Enotmik , a monocase display typeface available in two weights, Light and Bold. Designed on a grid, Enotmik is made up of 90 and 45 degree angles. My favorites are Roughage each character is bold hand-printed by repeating the strokes many times with a thin lead pencil , and the tipsy turvy Wacko. Trivino created the free sans typefaces Overgrow and Overgrow Thin Designer of Riweuk Typefaces from Be Signature, Rama dan Karim an arabic emulation font.

UI mobile and web designer in Athens, Greece. Cybertronical link. Indonesian designer, b. He is associated with Production Type. Even more remarkable than the size of the type system is the stylistic scope it covers, including elaborate italics, monolinear Lights, heavily slab-serif-flavored Caption cuts, and Grande styles that verge on becoming stencilsall referencing different works from the golden era of the Didots.

With this pluralism of style and character, Trianon almost commands you to use it in all the "wrong"ways, exhibiting flamboyant shapes, flexibility, and individuality. Fontsquirrel link. Designer of the alphading typefaces Cutie Pie and Leather and the script typeface Slayer Japanese free font maker specializing mainly in pixel fonts, kana, kanji, Latin. Fonts made by him include akaPosse , akaArcade , Victorian , akaDylan , comic book style set of three typefaces , akaChen , akaDora , script , akaFrivolity , akaHoggle , akaIndic , akaPotsley , Victorian.

Bogor, Indonesia-based designer of the free fluffy modularly designed typeface Artern Akmal Yusar [Picatype Studio]. Pest, Hungary-based designer of Hexa , free hexagonal typeface. In , he published the beautiful free poster font Mopster. In , he designed the octagonal typeface Matematica: Matematica is a rounded, unicase, mono-spaced, pseudo-bitmap typeface constructed on a 5-by-5 grid. Relying on the most basic geometric shapes, the typeface draws heavily on the work of Dutch Bauhaus typographer Jurriaan Schrofer Designer of the script typefaces Samanda and Talita Aktab Studio [Ilhamsyah Vutra].

Aktab Studio Bandung, Indonesia designed the signage script typeface Asiyah and the script typefaces Pamega and Allema Indonesian designer b. He seems to be related to or identical to? Meutuwah over at Creative Fabrica. Cairo, Egypt-based designer, who hails from Surakarta, Indonesia, b. Creator of the free brush typeface Bruss , the hand-crafted Talisman , Labours and Summer Time , the vintage sans typeface Manufactur , the vintage titling typeface Kertayasa , the marker typeface Halfway , the watercolor brush face Hale , the free display typeface Biliru , the hand-crafted Supreme , and the spurred display typeface Travelo Typefaces from Labours hand-crafted poster font , Rolade a rounded condensed sans , Karmilla upright didone script , Egalite slab serif.

Typefaces from Kruda Handcrafted Sans , Serafina a calligraphic script, attributed to Insannita Muthiahs , Kertayasa a layered and textured typeface family , Naratif Condensed. Creatice Market link. YWFT link. Creative Market link for Alterna Type. Buenos Aires-based designer b. Aceh, Indonesia-based designer b. Fontsy link. In , he published an all caps poster entitled Alphabetica and the octagonal typeface family Ghetto. In , Alan Hayward Lausanne, Switzerland; b. In , he published the ultra-condensed sans typeface Salopiot. Aka Uloga. Many of these fonts have no punctuation. Bournemouth, UK-based designer of the free hand-crafted typeface Magaya , the free hand-crafted blackboard bold typeface Eva Cute and the free free hand-drawn typeface Woodbone Canadian designer of Paper Clip Before that, he was head of custom font creation at FontShop San Francisco, and was also briefly at T Fontfont link.

Notes from a talk on typography. His typefaces: The huge serifed family FF Atma Indispose T Done with Holly Goldsmith. MVB Sirenne family Done with Mark van Bronkhorst, this large family is based on an 18th century design, with optical sizes. The free font family Courier Prime , created for John August and Quote Unquote Apps , made for screenwriters: Courier Prime is optimized for 12 point size, and matches the metrics of Courier and Courier Final Draft, so you can often swap it out one-for-one. Other Couriers just slant the letters to create faux italics.

We give you a whole new typeface [with true italics], modeled off the script of vintage typewriters. Albatross or: Font Deals [Jay Hilgert]. Typefaces from include the informal outline typeface Tire Shop, the informal 3d shadow typeface Blox , the 3-d wood typeface Baja California, the stunning four-style family called BB Petie Boy which includes an ornamental caps style, a grunge style, a blackboard style and a sketch style , Fusty Saddle , 23rd Street a graffiti font and Whiteboard Modern.

In , he followed up with Oil Change 3d, hand-drawn.

Typefaces from include Boom a comic book typeface family, with hand-drawn Boom Symbols. Typefaces from Corinth Ornaments, Auburn brush script , Microbrew Unicase , Corinth hand-drawn geometric sans with letterpress influences. Typefaces from Moraine a weathered letterpress emulation typeface family , Microbrew Soft. Typefaces from Blakstone a letterpress emulation family , Hanscum vintage, hand-crafted and letterpress-inspired.

In , he started Font Deals. Hubert Bartels' Albedo fonts in truetype and type 1, Sean Malloy created a Postscript version in ; I based my font on that version, modifying many of the characters and adding punctuation. Granada, Spain-based designer of the free techno typeface Arcade Fractured , during his studies at Escuela Arte Granada.

Creator of Los Angeleno Sans Albertine Nerevan is a Quebec-based designer, b. Devian tart link. Painter, sculptor and graphic designer, b. Madrid, He was commissioned in by the city of Bilbao to design a font with a Basque look. The result was Alfabeto Bilbao. Alternate URL with some of his paintings. Alfabeto Bilbao is free at Yo de Bilbao. Graphic and industrial designer, post-producer and writer born in Alicante, Spain. Little School is an large school script font family that looks a bit like Little Days , West Wind Fonts but with rulers and lines thrown in.

And Little Days in turn is genetically linked to Memimas. Designer of the heavy monoline sans typeface A Galega Alcir Heidemann designed the free outlined and bilined typeface Athena during his studies in Savannah, GA, in Alcode [Sukjana Almunandar]. Creator of the thin calligraphic typefaces Yesterday upright and Jazzi Script , and the swashy formal calligraphic typefaces Peaches , and Sinday College Typefaces from Malikon, The Duality , Karmila Script a signature font , William Duke a great formal calligraphic script , Differenlight Spencerian calligraphic , Stipa Willington formal calligraphic , Gatlik Saphir formal calligraphic , Lile Dahliya formal penmanship calligraphy , Bulgattie copperplate calligraphy.

Typefaces from Fantera a baseball script , Karmila Script for signatures. Alde Design [Alde Saputro]. Alde Saputro [Alde Design]. Jakarta, Indonsia-based designer of the free typeface Mountain Shape Between and it modified and improved some existing fonts. There is also an Aldus company but this time related to Mark Myers in San Diego that used to bundle its fonts with TypeTwisterthis may or may not be a different company. Designer and letter artist in Puente Alto and Santiago, Chile.

Some of his typefaces are published by Compania Tipografica de Chile, which he co-founded in together with Raul Israel and Franco Jonas. His typefaces: The reverse stress typeface Hatchet The free angular text typeface Parranda Winner at Tipos Latinos of a type design award. Joane Maipo Sans 40 styles, glyphs per font: Maipo Sans is a modern typeface inspired by the mountain landscape of Cajon del Maipo, Chile. Its forms are inspired by the first sans serif European humanist fonts of the twentieth century along with a touch of reverse contrast. This typeface is specially designed for projects using extensive text blocks and striking ads.

Hatchet Display , Future Fonts. A typeface with reverse contrast and glyphic serifs based on the shape of a handmade axe. Mena Grotesk An extensive neo-grotesk made the Chilean way , named after the village of Bajos de Mena in Chile.

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Alec Julien [Haiku Monkey]. Creator of the free sharp-edged typeface Edges Mexican designer of the free children's book typeface Orikids Montaga is a roman font in the Trajan style, with a lower case added. In , she designed the grid-and-circle-based typeface Risk. Old Behance link. Designer of the free hand-crafted typeface Fab Craft Designer of the free text font Calicanto , which was published by Sudtipos in In , he published the squarish inline typeface Rectil. Free at Google Web Fonts.

The this a fashion mag display didone with plenty of additional ball terminals: Elsie is inspired by feminine energy. This new typeface was created to celebrate the world of women, glamour and fashion. It combines the strength of Bodoni with the softness of italics. Sensitive, attractive, full of personality, innovative and subtle with both classic and new design features.

Elsie , with Ana Sanfelippo. Wendy One Free at Google Web Fonts , it is loosely based on the Stabilo logotype, and shows the quirkiness of retro futurism. Alejandro Lo Celso [Pampa Type]. Alejandro Paul [Sudtipos]. Quito, Ecuador-based designer. Creator of the free geometric font Alektro Young Graduate of Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and co-founder of Designals. Rosario, Argentina-based designer of Sauce Type experimental , the free modular sans typeface Cunia and the free bilined typeface Potra Facon is a free speed emulation font designed by modifying Christian Roberston's Roboto.

Bondi is a free display or poster type. Creator of the free constructivist typeface Desonanz for Latin Greek and Cyrillic. Graphic and sound designer in Skopje, Macedonia. The orginal design of Desonanz dates back to Shtip, Macedonia-based designer b.

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  • He also designed the grungy typewriter typeface Corona 3 Typewriter In , he created the hand-crafted Topuz, the starry and moon phase dingbat font Astronomy, and the old typewriter typeface Radio. Art director in Moscow, b. Saint Petersburg, Russia-based designer b. Aleksandr Sukiasov. Georgian designer b. He created the Helvetica-like Lax family Open Font Library download site. AS Naya is a minimalist condensed sans family.

    AS Nerd is a sign-painting brush script. Link to his studio. Graphic River link. See also at Dafont. Packaging designer in Moscow, who created the free Cyrillic weaving vector format typeface Water Plant in Typetype link. Russian designer of the old Slavonic-inspired display typeface Kramola , Latin and Cyrillic. Aka Nova Sama. During his studies in Venice, Italy, Alessandro Caminiti b. Milan, Italy-based designer of the free wavy font Liquido Cagliari, Italy-based designer of the masculine octagonal typeface Qatsi and the wedgy sans typeface Mezzana Mezzana is a free font inspired by Corrado Mezzana , an italian artist who designed stamps and award notices in the s, s and s.

    Additional link. Italian designer of the hand-crafted typeface Brizel Web designer based in Rome. Creator of Pyconic , an icon font in PNG format with icons. He also has a free icon EPS and truetype font for weather icons called Meteocons Milan, Italy-based designer of the spurred modular typeface Kramer and the free spurred hand-crafted typeface Pirate K Alessio Laiso. Creator of the free 6-style slab serif typeface Aleo : Aleo is a contemporary typeface designed as the slab serif companion to the Lato font by Lukasz Dziedzic.

    Aleo has semi-rounded details and a sleek structure, giving it a strong personality while still keeping readability high. Google Fonts mentions Kevin Conroy as co-designer. In , he designed the commercial typefaces Lagu Sans and Lagu Serif , which feature large x-heights and open counterforms. Fontspring link. Aka Vlekkeloos. Dutch designer of the textured typeface Ziggy Zaggy Moscow-based designer of the Cyrillic typeface Gore , which is a hybrid of Kekur and Paratype's Rodeo.

    In , he designed the free vector format font Shadow Cross. Aka Doppelquer. Creator of the grungy typeface Dopplequer Alex Banks AB Design; b. Creator of the free octagonal font Sliced AB and the chunky Chukny In , he made the free rounded sans typeface Duster AB. In , he designed the squarish Flat Four typeface family.

    Typefaces from Spectrum. Designer of the fun display typeface Gaze Graphic designer in Detroit, MI. Designer at FontStruct in of the extra condensed typeface Vertigo. In , he made Bar Sans, a free headline sans that was inspired by all of the old hand made signage found along Eight Mile Boulevard in Detroit. Good Enough is a free monospaced programming font. He created the geometric fat counterless Tangoes and the monoline sans face Slim in Aka UnderNoControlTypofoundry.

    In , he designed the delightful fat sans display typeface Marsel Black, and writes: What could have happened if Roger Excoffon and Eric Gill gathered in Marcel Olive's backyard in Marseille to share a few Pastis back in the days? In some way, Marsel could be the result of this hypothetical experiment. A colourful fat sans with uncanny high contrasts and utter personality. While flirting with the strangeness of Gill's Kayo, Marsel primarily stands as a very distant hommage to Excoffon's mythical Antique, a reminiscence of a Latin taste for exuberance.

    Romanian designer of the free sans typeface Amurg During his design studies in Sydney, Alex Dale b. Hanoi is a free octagonal typeface.

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