Import music from ipod to itunes library on mac

Sync or remove content using iTunes

This migraine instantly disappeared. Hi, As I moved to another country within Europe, I need to change my account and banking data to the new country.

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Apparently this move will set all my playlists back to zero. So I would like to just have a textlisting of my playlists, they are not huge at the moment. Any clue apart from screenshots? I recently added Apple Music, and do not know if this is a factor. Do you have a possible explanation for this?


I am trying to transfer music from one iPod to another.. After an hour researching and performing so many fixes, I found your instructions. It worked the first time. Many, many thanks. Thank you for posting this!

Top 3 Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

It has been a nightmare trying to figure this out! You saved me days of work! This seems like a great fix. Any ideas for this? My itunes playlists disappeared when I reinstalled Windows and itunes…I tried to restore them through the many suggestions I was reading…then I turned to your approach — It worked so well and easily — thank you very much! I have 2 issues.

The other is mostly unrelated but maybe you can help? I have a NAS device on my home network and have set it up to share the music on it. I can choose that Music list in iTunes and see some of the playlists set up there.

3 Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Library

I selected the playlist and there was no Duplicate option. I selected all the songs and copied to a new playlist. That playlist name shows in my MacBook iTunes library but none of the songs are there. The perfect tool to migrate playlist is MusConv, give it a try and enjoy all your playlist, visit it here: musconv dot com.

After you import the playlist where does the file show up? When I expand all playlists doesnt show the playlist I imported. Question: Can I export multiple playlists or do I have to do it one by one? Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you!!! This was exactly what I was looking for! And it was easy even for someone who is not particularly tech-y. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate this or how much time, effort and tears you have saved me!

Moving music off the iPod

Anyone else have the same problem? Thank you so much!

How To Transfer iTunes Library to New Mac SUPER EASY including playlists, play count, ratings

This helped me a lot with my business of setting sound to Silent Movies, after loosing my Mac at my last Flight ist was stolen. Connect the iPod to your computer using the USB cable. ITunes will recognize the device and attempt to automatically begin a sync. Cancel the automated sync by clicking the small "X," the Close option, in the sync section at the top of the iTunes window. Drag audio files from the iPod pane and drop them onto the Library pane to transfer music from the iPod to the computer.

Kirk Bennet started writing for websites and online publications in He covers topics in nutrition, health, gardening, home improvement and information technology. Disconnect iPod from computer and connect iPad with your Mac. This method will only work for those users who have purchased the tracks from the Apple.

In this method you will have to transfer purchased songs from iPod to iTunes first. After that, you can sync your iPad with the iTunes and begin the process of sync to complete the transfer. Note: Before you continue, please keep in mind that this method will remove already present tracks on your iPad. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPod with your computer via a digital cable. Make sure you have connected your iPod with your computer successfully. Now, connect your iPad with the computer and sync it using the iTunes to move all the songs from your computer to the iPad.

There is no way by which you can download Apple music tracks on the iTunes on your Windows computer or Mac. If you want to have them on your computer, you will have to purchase each and every track which may cause you a lot of money. However, if you have sync your iPod with the iTunes and have Apple music on it, you can upload the tracks to the iCloud library and similarly can view them or download them on your iPad to listen them offline.

You can follow this guide to view those tracks in the iTunes on your computer. Open iTunes and login with your iTunes account. After doing that, click on the "View" button in the top bar. You can also login to your iPad with the same iTunes account to listen and download these tracks from the Apple Music. If your iPod and iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can use the Home sharing feature to listen all the tracks of your iPod on your iPad without spending a single cent.

Login on both devices with the same iTunes account and launch the music application on your iPad. Now, click on "My Music" and "Home Sharing". On the next screen, select the library of your iPod and it will start downloading all the tracks of your iPod on the new iPad. This may take some time but it is another way of playing music library directly from your iPod to the iPad.

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import music from ipod to itunes library on mac Import music from ipod to itunes library on mac
import music from ipod to itunes library on mac Import music from ipod to itunes library on mac
import music from ipod to itunes library on mac Import music from ipod to itunes library on mac
import music from ipod to itunes library on mac Import music from ipod to itunes library on mac
import music from ipod to itunes library on mac Import music from ipod to itunes library on mac

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