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Other sources I spoke to them on the phone, and they said bring in my Mac, that they would plug it into another monitor and see if they could reproduce the problem I was having with it. I use my Mac for my business -- not that he cared. He took the Mac back to his boss who I could hear ranting in the back room. Without another word as to what was happening, the clerk left me waiting at the counter for another 20 minutes.


When he came back, he apologized that he had answered a phone call oh, great customer service. He then said he's plugged it in and sure enough it was slow to boot up which was not my problem by the way. I thanked him and left. I felt like about all the guy would have offered in advice would have been; ""Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

Anyway, the place was buzzing, with at least 50 other customers -- and it seemed at least 20 people on the floor to help. Immediately, a nice woman and her supervisor suggested I get in the queue for the Genius Bar, that was only a minute wait less time than I'd wasted at Mac Pro.

In the meantime, they were very knowledgeable, and discussed my options with me. A smart young woman at the Genius Bar then listened carefully, and immediately plugged my Mac into their monitor.

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No problem. Even after multiple attempts, nothing was wrong. We determined it had probably been my monitor, not my Mac that needed replacing! All I can surmise is that the clerk at Mac Pro had either lied to me -- he hadn't plugged it in at all -- or worse, he had no clue what he was doing, or understanding of what I had told him. Now that IS customer service! So I paid nothing for the help at the Apple Store, and they did not pressure me into buying anything -- just advised me. In fact they refreshed my computer for no charge.

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What a concept in this economy -- serving customers! The Apple Store has made me a loyal customer. Apple has figured it out. Mac Pro hasn't! Reply Report abuse.

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Great job! The company, which primarily focuses on corporate accounts, is opening a retail store in the West End next month. McCance said that the circumstances regarding Capitol Mac's turnover to new owners, management exodus, and Mediacom's plans have caused a whirlwind of rumors and innuendo to be circulated amongst the Richmond Mac illuminati.

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Capitol Mac's former owner blamed his own business woes on an inability to get Apple's flat-panel iMac system. Many retailers found availability of the new systems constrained following the revamped iMac's debut in January, and Butler said that after the new iMac was introduced, customers weren't interested in buying anything else. Mediacom's new store is called MacPro, and the company said it'll focus its attention on non-Mac buyers, according to McCance.

Show Map and Hours. Short Pump. Colonial Heights. Midlothian Westchester Commons. Most phone repairs take between minutes while tablets and computers take hours. At Fruit Fixed we operate without appointments because we like giving our customers the option to come in when they find time, rather than dictating a schedule that inconveniences you. We back all of our labor and parts with a lifetime warranty and we actually stand behind what we say.

Our door is always open and we can be contacted via Facebook Messenger outside of business hours.

mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va
mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va
mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va
mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va
mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va
mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va
mac pro store richmond va Mac pro store richmond va

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