Running windows xp on mac

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Do you know what might be wrong? Yes, but what about the apple keyboard not being recognised when booting from the XP installer disk? May 18, AM.

5 top ways to run Windows on a Mac

Buy a standard keyboard for installation.. It's probably possible to then setup the apple keyboards after XP has been installed. Oct 5, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Jamie Telford Jamie Telford. Burn your windowsXP. Right-click the name BootDir, and then, click Modify.

Close Registry Editor and restart the computer. Install bootcamp 2. Update bootcamp twice reboot after each update 8. Copy AppleHFS. Restart At this point you are done.. Message was edited by: Jamie Telford. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: odely odely. Best Regards Odely. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Sep 24, PM in response to odely In response to odely Glad to give something back to the community..

How to Add XP to a MacBook

User profile for user: Shaminder. Pal Shaminder. User profile for user: DocRawson DocRawson. Maybe no! Pal Should work fine with ML The only issue is getting your hands on bootcamp drivers of an earlier enough version to be comparable with XP.. And finally that the early drivers may not support the hardware of a recent apple computer.. Have a go I say.

The operating systems is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Apple is not entirely wrong. The Boot Camp Assistant will not let you install the newer Windows operating systems, but you don't have to use the Boot Camp Assistant.

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Again, the Boot Camp Assistant is just an assistant used to make windows easier to install. It does not have to be used. I needed to run Windows XP because of one particular program which doesn't run on more modern versions of Windows. I have just discovered that the easiest and cheapest way of installing XP on a Mac is to download "VirtualBox" which is free and open-source, and use my XP installation disk which also has a valid product key. The procedure was extremely easy and I don't know of any advantage in buying products such as VMware or Parallels.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Installing Windows XP via Bootcamp no longer supported? Ask Question. Your start point is BootCamp 3 - I can't remember that far back whether the app itself is on the DVDs that came with the machine, but I have a feeling it was. This has to appear on the label in order to successfully install.

This application is not Boot Camp. It is just an Assistant. A word of warning. You may find it difficult to download any updates from Microsoft via Windows Update. You will probably have to search the Web for Service Pack 3, then download and manually install. I also would not allow it to connect to the Internet as you're just asking for trouble if you do unless you isolate it from any form of direct connectivity to OS X if you want to keep the OS X Host safe!

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Since you can not use your current version of the Boot Camp Assistant, would you not be better off installing Windows 7 or Windows 10 on your Mac Mini? You could install Windows 10 Evaluation for free for 90 days to see if you like Windows 10 before buying. My suspicion is that this is no longer supported in the latest releases of OSX.

For me, the assistant only offers Windows 7 as an option. Well, it eventually starts. The instructions warn you that fully three minutes will pass before anything at all happens. At some point, the installer will reboot the machine,, and you then have to press F2 repeatedly, to be sure to make Windows boot from the hard drive, not the CD. The second part of the install then runs, and seems to run fine. This is normal.

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Just turn it off manually. When my machine finally reached this point, many many hours after starting details on why it took so long follow , I was simply amazed—this is Windows on an Apple system. Bluetooth, Ethernet, AirPort, and audio are all missing in action after the initial installation. So what you have on that first boot of Windows XP on your Intel Mac is a very functional, but not very useful, operating system.

The most important driver to get working, of course, is Ethernet. Without it, getting anything into the mini means using USB or some other storage medium you can transfer between machines. They worked great on the first try, once I recalled the convoluted steps I had to follow to enter my IP address information.

Once that was running, I was able to then download and install the remaining drivers.

Windows On A Mac : Installing Windows XP on Bootcamp [2]

The Bluetooth drivers, for instance, have notes that indicate you have to re-run a small program on every reboot, and that they still may not work with Apple keyboards or mice. In fact, to even get them working at all, you have to edit a file in the Windows directory and add two lines to specify some Apple-related info for the Bluetooth chipset. And this info differs between the iMac and the mini!

How to Painlessly Run Windows on Your Mac

After doing that, and running the small program, you then cross your fingers, plug in your Bluetooth stuff, and see what happens. In my case, I got a very pleasant surprise—my Macally mouse and Apple keyboard work just fine, though I do need to re-run one executable file each restart. What really surprised me is that the Bluetooth keyboard works immediately after power-up; early enough that it can be used to choose which OS to boot.

I believe we have Apple to thank for that one. By reading all the associated notes with each driver, and installing only one at a time and then rebooting to test each one, I eventually got almost everything up and running. While I was doing all of this work, I was also on the IRC channel a lot, asking questions, and just listening to the chatter. Someone mentioned that there were now native video drivers for the mini available, and a page had been added to the wiki explaining how to get them working.

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