Mac baren tobacco vanilla cream

Vanilla Cream Flake 1.75oz Tin

An exquisite vanilla blend. One of my favorites. It has a little bite, so puff slow, a great sweet tobacco taste, wonderful room note, and is easy and enjoyable to smoke.

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  6. Mac Baren – Classic Loose Cut Pipe Tobacco [Formerly Vanilla Cream] (40g Packet)?

Lights and burns well. Great stuff. First order from Cup o Joes. Excellent and quick service. Tobacco is fresh and well packed. Will order again. You save. Rating Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Review Subject. Family: Aromatic. Cut: Ribbon. Original choice is a new pioneering pipe tobacco which will appeal to 'novice' pipe smokers.

First Impressions: Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Loose Cut

Original choice is made from a blend of Virginia tobacco from N. Carolina and mild air-dried Burley from Tennessee. Plumcake is a mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos and dark Spicy Cavendish. To give 'Plumcake' an elegant aroma the blend has been flavoured with aged Jamaica Rum.

This is a darn good tobacco! Its not the syrupy, overcased, goop that many vanilla tobaccos in which are scourged. This is a good quality Danish vanilla cream with actual tobacco taste. Sweet, creamy, flavorful, and occasionally nutty. Better when si Read More pped, stays cool and dry. Room note is pleasant and not cloying. If your looking for all vanilla and no tobacco flavor look elsewhere this isnt for you. If you want a nice, sweet but balanced vanilla and still want to taste tobacco this is the ticket. By: Jerjer It burns well and it taste like fresh baked bread.

I was a little disappointed that I really didn't taste the Vanilla all that much,but a very good smoke. It has great room notes,my wife said it smell like Vanilla. Must be my taste buds.


I did have 4 bow Read More ls of different Tobacco last night at Pipe club,. So I will try it again before I smoke anything else. I'll try rolling it out maybe I'll get the taste I was hoping for. By: Eric G. Great qulity tobacco and sweet creamy vanilla that isnt overpowering. Just smoke it slow and careful or you will regret it. By: Acre. By: Ski.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream - 40g Pouch

The flake was very sweet upon opening. Packed well and burned nicely. While I was sipping though the only thing I could think of was a black and mild!

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Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Pipe Tobacco - Loose Cut Wholesale & Distribution

Sure it was smoother and over all the tobacco was of fine quality. But the experience for me was j Read More ust not there. I think for me it was just too much vanilla. I will admit I'm partial to the English and oriental blends but if you like a lot of vanilla flavor give this one a try! By: Pmaynard My wife bought me a few oz's for Christmas. It has been great. Mild and cool with just the right dose of vanilla. I have to say the 2 tobaccos I have had from Mac Baren have both been superb, the other being Cherry Ambrosia.

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By: wideshut. I really enjoyds it. By: crisalfo. I would say that the room note is more noticeable and present that indicating this page. It is a velvety snuff. Smoke not very creamy. It is very soft, ideal to smoke in the company of others without disturbing them. By: FranksSeven. I'm not a "vanilla connoiseur" like Carl F.

Nice cool smoke with a natural spicy vanilla flavor, not overly sweet or artificial. Coke is mentioned in his review but also goes Read More well with a Dr. Not actually Vanilla like at all. By: Yusuf b. By: Jack O. I really enjoyed this overall. The Vanilla flavor is not as strong as others I have had That being said it burns very well and the room note is definitely noticed.

I have had no bite from smoking this though I did smoke it a bit slower than some Read More others because of the stickiness. Definitely one you want to smoke slow I plan on making this one of my weekly blends. Overall 4. By: Jung Pil s. By: Huggies Not overly impressed by this blend but wasn't disappointed either I mean anything from Mac Baren's is good.

The tin note is awesome a little more candied than expected. Packing is easy even with the cut plugs. Unfortunately the vanilla sort of disapp Read More ears once smoking is underway but as said before it's Mac Baren so it isn't a bad smoke. There is a little bite so it needs to be smoked slow. I don't think I'll buy in bulk but I will definitely keep a tin or two on hand. By: Carl F.

First a note: I am a vanilla connoiseur. It is my favorite culinary flavor and I have four different types of extracts that I put in basically everything from popcorn with cayenne! When I drink coke, I add Adams extract not vanilla s Read More yrup! I buy madagascar bean pods wholesale and flavor sugar with them. All of this is to say, I'm a nut for vanilla.

Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Pipe Tobacco - Loose Cut

I find it to be anything but "plain. Vanilla is ubiquitous with pipe tobacco. As a condiment in casing or top note, it's hard to get away from. There are plenty of blends out there which are enhanced with a sweet vanilla flavor- The two most popular blends by lane and sutliff respectively are "vanilla" flavored blends.

One of those is even decent.. But this is a far cry from that. I've tried just about every vanilla blend I can get my hands on but this is really the quintessential flavor I was looking for. Spicy, yet mellow, cooler than other macbaren blends, probably due to the ingenious inclusion of the cut plugs and cavendish.. Lots of nice, clean virginian flavor going on. The tobacco, as with other macbaren blends, comes through quite nicely.

I'm really a fan. I don't drink a lot of soda, but this one goes great with an ice cold vanilla coke made the way i described above on a hot day. It's a similar flavor really..

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That dry spicy sorta thing going on.. There are blends with far more complex flavors I'm thinking of Dan tobacco and there are certainly no shortage of blends that are sweeter, many of which are quite nice, but I can't think of a strictly vanilla flavored blend more satisfying than this one. By: Duke.

Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Flake | Pipe Tobacco | BnB Tobacco

I really enjoyed this tobacco. I pulled all the tobacco out of the tin and placed it in a snap shut mason jar. I found this helped the tobacco as it was a bit sticky. By: benzeel. As far as vanilla blends go this one is not bad. Nice vanilla tin note. The aroma and flavor are pretty good.

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Mac baren tobacco vanilla cream

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