Mac os x disk defrag software

What Does Defragmentation Mean?

One cool feature about the software is it actually allows you to monitor the temperature fluctuation of your Mac hard drive during defragging. A slow Mac can be attributed to a wide range of reasons from hardware to software. For example, sometimes it's not your hard drive that's causing problems.

How To Safely Defrag a Mac Hard Drive

Inadequate memory RAM and lack of free disk space can also lead to performance issues as well. As a result, if defragging can't solve your problem, consider having a thorough diagnosis of your Mac first, especially the hard drive see how to health check Mac hard drive. Then figure out the culprits and then come up with the right solutions to solve the problems. Hope this answer is helpful to you. Let us know if you have further questions.

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Tool to Defrag Mac Hard Drive

Chris Hwang. They are both considered the top of their class, the best performers, and fastest at what they do. Because of this we come to count on our Mac and its high performance. When you buy something that is the best in its class, you expect it to run at its best for a long time; but like a car, your Mac needs routine maintenance to keep it at its finest.

So Why Don’t Macs Need Defragmentation?

With that being the case, you need to give your Mac a tune-up by cleaning up old file fragments, this alone alone can keep it from significantly slowing down. In the event that your Mac is already sluggish a defrag program such as Stellar Drive Defrag , can clean up its heavily fragmented hard drive, making your Mac perform better and faster once again. Fragmentation is sometimes difficult to understand without some type of graph or image to show how it works.

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The first step, is to picture in your mind a standard checkerboard, it has 8 rows of 8 squares in black and red colors. Now picture a regular size pink office file that contains your work from a project, and imagine that to fit it onto your checkerboard you have torn the file into 8 pieces, or fragments, which you lay on the top 8 squares of your checkerboard.

To speed up the process, lets add to your picture that all 64 squares on your checkerboard are now completely covered with files.

Do You Need to Defrag Your Mac? (MacMost Now 373)

All are neatly in a row and you can distinguish them because each file is a different color. So you now have 8 squares in a row at top that are all pink, then perhaps 6 in a row that are green, next 8 that are purple, and so and so forth until the entire board is covered. To keep things nice and neat all files are adjacent to one another making them easy for you to spot and grab when you need them.

Now though, you realize that the pink file is something you no longer need, so you take all 8 pieces off the top of your checkerboard and toss them out, and now the that row of your checkerboard is all clear again. You now have open room for a new file so you put a blue file that is in 3 pieces into the top 3 connecting squares, which leaves a gap of 5 squares between the files. Now you decide that you no longer need the purple file which is also 8 squares in size so you remove the purple pieces again opening up room for new files.

Again you have a file to save, however, this time a file you are saving is very large, and is going to take up 10 squares, but you do not have 10 squares in a row open remember? You have 5 at the top middle and another 8 squares 2 rows down, so what do you do as you want to keep it all together right?

How To Safely Defrag a Mac Hard Drive

There are now 5 squares left open but there is a gap between files. These gaps will begin to happen all over your checkerboard filing system with the more files you create and the more you throw away. Your checkerboard is now full of files that are scattered in pieces all over the place, few of them matching in color with an adjacent square. This process is called fragmentation, and it is what happens to your Mac when it can no longer save a file in a contiguous memory location. With your checkerboard file holder you can see the colors and therefore you know what pieces belong to which file, similarly, your Mac creates a link to the files that are located in different parts of its free memory.

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What a defragmentation program does, is to attempt to alleviate this problem by moving files around within the free space available to undo fragmentation.

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