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At the completion of this test, you will be able to perfectly select a suitable product to introduce new functionalities to your website. At the completion of this test, user will be able to take suitable actions to increase the speed of the load time of the website Which is a key to the success of the website. Also, user will be able to optimize the website in search engine rankings. In this level the user will demonstrate their knowledge of Multisite, Databases and Backups.

At the completion of this test, user will be able to take backups of the website, handle database and create Multisite. The user will demonstrate their knowledge of best practices. At the completion of this level, user will be able to take necessary actions to increase security, prevent attacks, prevent spamming and stop unintended user behaviors. WordPress Development Idioma. The user will demonstrate their knowledge of the WordPress directory and file structure.

WordPress is a built-in CMS with so many files. To be successful in WordPress development you have to have a thorough knowledge of WordPress files and their contents. When this level is completed user will Show his knowledge of folder structure of WordPress and his abilities to find the locations of certain functions. In this level the user will demonstrate their knowledge on How to handle posts and pages programmatically. You will extend capabilities of a WordPress site with plugins. Hooks are the functional unit of Plugins.

Themes are the highest level of component in a WordPress website. Developing themes is a very important skill to be a successful WordPress developer. It is probably the most difficult task in WordPress development. When this level is completed user will be able to create, edit posts and pages in many ways and he will know many other options available to him. The user will demonstrate their knowledge of Plugin development. When this level is completed user will be able to handle many functions that is available to him effectively.

User will know How to handle many functions available for him to develop themes. WordPress stores most of its content in a Database. In this level is complete, user will be able to insert, retrieve, update, and delete data from WordPress tables while taking necessary security measures. Security is very important for a WordPress website. WordPress is highly vulnerable to threats when you try to extend its functionality. When this level is completed, user will know the best practices in the industry followed when developing WordPress websites. Word Idioma. Manejar Opciones de Word.

Android Idioma.

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Understanding of the full mobile development lifecycle. Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies. Knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks. Experience with offline storage, threading and performance tunning. Strong knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns and best practices.

Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android and how to deal with different screen sizes. Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications. Ability to understand business requirements and traslate them into technical requeriments. Familiarity with the use of additional sensors such gyroscopes and accelerometers. Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.

Experience with third-party libraries and APIs. Have published at least one original Android App. Angular Idioma. A user is capable of Angular and lear thee angular 2 in which a user can create the array, form and role of typescript. Introduction to Angular 2, Sorting an array, validation in form, typescript, pipes and filter.

A user can use thee Angularjs controller and understand about the two-binding in Angular. User is capable for writing the Angular based programs and directives of Angular 2. In Advanced level, a user can create the single page application, implementing the routing, error handling and header components. A user has understanding about the lifecycle hooks of Angular 2 and can create the programs based on angular 2 topics. Advanced programs based on Angular, lifecycle hooks of Angular2. AWS Idioma. The user can understand the behaviour of the AWS with understanding of cloud web hosting platform.

The user can create and operate the relational database as well as setup the Relational database. The user can backup and archiving of data and application programs. The user has ability to perform the creation of dynamic tables. The users can customize their virtual networking environment as they like, such as selecting own IP address range, creating subnets, and configuring route tables and network gateways. The user will perform certain task such as capture, store, and process data from large, distributed stream.

Th user can manage and optimize the codes of different languages such as node. He or She has good knowledge in object oriented concepts and development. The person has understanding of Data Structures and their implementation in programming.

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Deep understanding of programming, quality code and usage of memory, time efficiency and effective implementation of data structures. CSS Idioma. User is capable of using the syntax of borders, margins,, list and padding in the websites, can use the features of scrollbar, ruules and layout in the CSS. HTML Idioma. They have few experiences about the HTML. He or she knows about the way to add border style or display quotes. People at this level, maybe have experiences in building several html pages with external or the other reference information about the html.

Java Idioma. Un usuario Tiene capacidad para implementar los temas anteriores en los programas. Definir el uso de interfaces. JavaScript Idioma. MongoBD Idioma. A user has strong understanding about the nosql database and knows the query to create or drop the database with sort method. Understanding the collection and data types of the mongodb. The user is capable of creating the mongodb and use in the java program. Topic:-Create and drop collection, data types, use of mongodb in java programs and aggregation. A user can create the schema and use of the keys in the database.

A User has strong understanding about the sharding components and monitor thee mongodb. User can write the query for operators, indexes and update the document. Topic: Mapreduce, BSON, storage engines and configuration of collection, schema, sharding, foreign and primary key and syntax for aggregation and deletion operation, update document, operators, indexes, GridFS and DBRefs. A usser can create the query for starting a new process in mongodb and creating aa mongoclient with other advanced key components.

User has understanding about the other Nosql databases and capable of writing the query of commit and rollback. Topic: getLastError, cappedLogCollection, mongoclient, accessing the database and some of topic of the other topics, NoSQL databases, commit and rollback query, Admin commands findOne and some of topic of the other topics.

Net Idioma. A person who completes this level will have following abilities: How objects work as parent of every class Concepts of. NET manages Data of different classes in Different languages at backend How to make collection classes that can hold any data type Identifying and Converting between data types Interfaces in. A person who completes this level will have following abilities: Concepts of interprocess communication Concepts of pipes in.

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NET Framework Concepts of. Concepts of. NET Concepts of. Node Js Idioma.

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User can write or implement the programs based on callback and modules of node. Topic: Introduction of Node. User is capable for using the chaining streams, directory and strong understanding to find the answers of node. In Advanced, After completing the five levels, User is capable for handling all the node. Python Idioma. React Idioma. This level focuses on basic JavaScript concepts eg. This level focuses on JavaScript concepts and ES6 basics e. This level focuses on ES6 concepts e. SQL Idioma. Spring Idioma.

The user will demonstrate completeness of his knowledge on Spring. This includes several miscellaneous questions. Vue Idioma. This level is about to tests your ability to deal with basic understanding of problems and contains questions that assess your knowledge of architecture, framework, and attributes. Ability to deal with basic understanding of architecture and contains questions that assess your knowledge of symbols, directives, syntax, elements etc.

Ability to deal with basic understanding of environment and contains questions that assess your knowledge of elements, events, functions etc. Ability to deal with basic understanding of models and contains questions that assess your knowledge of prefix, arrays, constant, instants etc. Tests your ability to deal with basic understanding of filters and contains questions that assess your knowledge of components, modifier, functions and attributes etc. This level is about to tests your ability to deal with basic understanding of code and contains questions that assess your knowledge of ternary, events, event modifier, class, mutation etc.

I am rather not sure if I shall add it to my results. In my case r is about 0. Thanks a lot Marta. I am currently trying to assess the relationship between pain intensity and pain-pressure threshold. Participants are asked to fill in different pain scales prior to having their pain pressure threshold assessed, this is then repeated on the next session.

This leaves me with 2 sets of pain intensity ratings and 2 sets of pain pressure threshold per scale. Would you happen to have any other suggestions of data analysis? I would like to ask a few questions to try aand understand things better. What happens between the first pain pressure assessment and the second? Why are you expecting any change? What did you find was the correlation between pain intensity and pain threshold on the first trial? What was the correlation on the second trial? The website describes how to perform two sample correlation testing, using an approach which I believe is different from the one you described.

The independent sample case is described at. Your experiment seems to be using dependent samples. This is described on the webpage. The formulas for the referenced test are all on the referenced webpage. Hi Charles, the excel add-in tool available on your website is incredible. I recently came to know about it from a fellow classmate. My question is as follows: — I was trying to find the correlation between the returns on Private Equity investment by a bank and some of the PE indices available on Bloomberg.

If not, are there any better alternatives I can explore? It is a measure of agreement between different raters. Thanks for the website and the super-helpful information. For instance: 75 samples, each rated twice. Dinh, Whatever tool you use to send emails will have the ability to add attachments to your email. An Excel spreadsheet is just a file. All you need to do is attach this file to your email. Previously I asked a question related to the negative W result. I have found that before doing the calculation, each set of tied ranks should be corrected based on the Mann-Whitney U test.

When I applied this, I got the positive result. I also checked with the manual method described by Sheskin, D. I got the same results but the W value was negative. Could you please explain to me why it was the case? One problem that I have experienced is the sum of rankings on each row is different from yours for each row. Mine is by summing the values of each row up.

Hi Dinh, In this test if there are k subjects to be rated then each rater must rate one subject 1, another 2, another 3, etc. SPSS however demands 2 variables. Thank you so much! Thanks for the info. Hello, Charles, My question is to some extent related with the previous questions regarding Likert scale. I have at least 20 indicators, divided in different groups, and the experts are assigned to evaluate each indicator from 1 to 5 comparing the particular indicator with other indicators within the same group.

In order to calculate W, I will rank the experts evaluations. However, as I can see now from the results, there is a dominance of 5 and 4 points in experts answers. Since many of the indicators are very important, they are evaluated at the same highest points. Will it be a problem in order to get a high and significant value of W? The rating used in ICC captures the scale of the rating. If yes, can U please give me the reference at the earliest? You can get some idea of weak, strong, very strong, etc.

Also the lower the p-value the more significantly different W is from zero. There are subjects that made the Top list in all 3 rankings. I should mention that there are several ties in each of the rankings. The median difference is Standard Deviation of the difference is The maximum difference is Such large summary statistics suggest that there is not a high level of agreement. This seems far too large. You have made an interesting observation. Please shed some light on how to go about it.. Follow the approach shown in Example 1 of the referenced page.

The only difference between your problem and Example 1 is that you require rows instead of 7. Charles, Thanks for your quick response to this matter. My problem however is that each respondent in the survey is not asked to rate the 8 statements from 1 to 8. I feel the example given are different. Very interesting topic, i do some beer tastings with friends and want to analyze the data, so i am reading about this, could you throw some light on which methods are good for ordinal data?

Do you think Pearson or Spearman are adecuate to compare one judge with another? We are giving free scores from 0 to 10 not ranks , and we are not assigning fixed points like your W Kendall example and the rest i read on the internet i think , thus, one person can give 10 points to each beer and another 2 points…i attach the results here so you can understand better what i am saying. Pep, From looking at the data that you included it seems that you might want to use the intraclass correlation coefficient. In my research, i have used Delphi method 3 rounds using the Likert scale.

Now, I have 60 judge-experts and 11 indicators. AVG function and then follow the approach in Example of the referenced page. When you say you have 11 indicators , does this mean the Likert scale is 0 to 10 or do you mean that there are 11 subjects being ranked? If i reject null hypothesis, i conclude that there is agreement among raters. RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. Real Statistics Using Excel. Skip to content. It turns out, however, that there is a linear transformation of W that is a correlation coefficient, namely In fact it can be shown that r is the average Spearman correlation coefficient computed on the ranks of all pairs of raters.

Now define W as follows. Example 2 : Repeat Example 1 taking ties into account. The calculations are shown in Figure 3. Junel says:. October 9, at am. Charles says:. October 9, at pm. Romeo says:. October 6, at pm. Romeo, Your question is not clear enough for me to answer. Louis Delamarre says:. July 30, at pm. Louis France. August 1, at pm.

Rika says:. October 8, at pm. Rikka, Are you also using the Mac version of the software? Chen FU says:. July 26, at am. Juan says:. June 10, at pm. Dear Charles, Thank you for you webpage and the help you give to people. June 11, at am. June 11, at pm. Boahen Collins says:. May 24, at pm.

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Why is it important to use the F statistic instead of chi-square? April 13, at pm. Gerardo, You are the third person in the past week who have asked this question. The other cases are not supported, but I will add this soon. April 21, at am. March 22, at pm. Jessica says:. March 20, at pm. Jess Palo says:. March 8, at am. Good Day! My W is March 12, at pm. Adam Kane says:. March 2, at am. Dear Charles, How can I account for missing data values? Many thanks for this excellent resource.

March 13, at pm. Khalil says:. February 24, at am. February 24, at pm. May 11, at am. Michael says:. February 11, at pm. Dear Charles, Thank you so much for your great website and your calculation schemes! Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support!!

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Marina says:. December 12, at pm. Hello Charles Great website! It saves my life right now! Many thanks in advance!! December 22, at pm. Uche says:. November 28, at pm. Hello Charles, My W, is close to 0 0. Regards, Uche. Matthias says:. August 30, at am. Hello Charles, thanks for your awesome site.

What would be a working approach to include expertise? September 3, at pm. Samuel Icha says:. June 22, at pm. Pedro says:. May 29, at am. Joey says:. May 28, at pm. Dear charles, I am using your addin for my MBA thesis.

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A great tool by the way! Round 1 W 0, r 0, chi-sq 7, df 7 p-value 0, Round 2 W 0, r 0, chi-sq 20, df 7 p-value 0, May 29, at pm. Hope I am asking my question the right way. Greetz, Joey. Weldegebrial says:. May 13, at pm. May 14, at am. Ns says:. April 26, at pm. April 27, at am. February 23, at pm. February 14, at pm.

Marta says:. February 12, at pm. Hey Charles, I got the following problem with my data analysis. Thank You, Marta. February 16, at am. Marta, The difference probably depends on whether you are using the ties correction factor or not. February 1, at pm. February 2, at am. Josh says:. January 16, at pm. Kind Regards, Josh McCollum. January 17, at pm. The independent sample case is described at Your experiment seems to be using dependent samples. This is described on the webpage I hope this helps. January 6, at am. Saurabh says:. December 14, at pm. Appreciate your response on this.

December 17, at am. Pov says:. December 4, at am. May 24, at am. Joe says:. November 25, at pm.

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Nick says:. November 21, at pm. Hi, Charles — Thanks for the website and the super-helpful information. November 24, at pm. Alie says:. October 16, at pm. Kindly discuss thoroughly please.

como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac
como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac
como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac
como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac
como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac
como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac
como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac Como hacer regresion lineal en excel para mac

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